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First off i bought some tweeters from billitcoug, and was wandering if i bought some small subs (hopefully 8") to but in the doors if that would work or do i need a crossover? also i searched for mounting deapth and found that kicker had some 8"w/ 2-1/4" depth and it was said that it would fit. What exactly is our mounting depth? and would the window still roll al the way down? w/ the kicker one.

in summary i want an 8"or smaller sub only (scince i have tweeters). Can you buy JUST the sub part of component speakers that are smaller than 8"? Should i just buy a whole set of components and keep the tweeters and install them some where else? LASLty can i still hook an amp up to them w/out the cross over.

I don't know alot abot car audio and will probably get it profesionally installed but needed some info to start searching w/
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