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ok, that how-to that zx3chris gave is great, but here are a couple more tips that will make this alot easier, and less painful. these are coming from a compilation that my dad and uncles gave me who have repaired holes in boats and even remade part of an SS camaro ram air hood, so they know their stuff:

1- dip the matting, dont jab... instead of coating the piece, placing the matt on the resin, then jabbing away forever trying to get out all those air bubbles, do this: get a small, disposable pan, a plastic plate will work. pour the mixed resin on the plate. cut your matting into small squares or strips that will fit in the pan/plate. let the resin soak and use a small squegee like those used for bondo, and squegee any air out of the matting. once the matting is clear and all strings have disappeared, place the matt on the piece to be 'glassed. then use the squegee again to get any bubbles out from underneath. after its on there, you can "paint" over it with resin to smoothen it out if needed.
***important*** use gloves, cuz if that stuff gets on your skin, its not the resin that comes off, your skin will come first :banghead:

2- when sanding, cover up... once you get done with the fiberglassing comes the fun part, sanding it down smooth the way you want it. its very tedious, and will probably bulk up your arms if you choose to do it by hand for the best results. when sanding down or grinding away excess fiberglass, wear eye protection, a respirator, gloves, long sleeves, a hood, a mask, long pants, etc... anything to cover up your skin, cuz that dust is painful, where it touches your skin, you'll most likely fell it and get rashes. and that dust in your lungs or eyes would probly make you wish you never tried it, a dust/particle mask would probably work but id go with a respirator to be safe.

good luck
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