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just wanted to give you all the heads up for this site. They have some decent looking stuff. Not much for cougars, but worth a look.
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What good would knowing the temp of your exhaust be?
I can see the use of a guage that monitored underhood temps, but exhaust temp?????

What am I missing?

Click here to see the guage in the bottom of the page
you can melt your headers if your exhaust is runnin hot.
Very useful for people with turbos.
are there even any actual gauge pods available yet??

i know there are some homemade fab ones... but anything decent for aftermarket?
i think i saw some for the contour.... they probably wont fit though.
I can't find ANY gauge pods that fit worth a damn. I tried some for a Civic yesterday. The test fit was like everyting else...almost, but not quite. The would work if you were good enough with a sander and plastic filler....which I am not.
If someone would make some, I bet they would sell a TON if the price was right. The ones for the Civic were only $30.00
The EGT Exhaust Gas Temp. gauge is probably the best gauge you can get to measure if you're running rich or lean. If you are running a Turbo or SC, as I was in my previous car, you'll find the A/F gauges suck. They use electric signals from one of the 02 sensors...well, that don't help too much. The EGT gauge tells the actual temp of the exhaust gas...if it's tooooo hot you are running lean, and if it's within a safe range (which varies with engines), you are running safe to rich. It can still be used on a NA engin, but you'd need a very precise gauge since adjusting the a/f ratio can change the temp only a few degrees, and could help gain or lose those last few hp.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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