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HOW TOs on ST200 rear Strut bar???

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hi, I got my rear bar, but I am not exactly sure where to start...anyone post some sort of how to ? step by step?? thnx, it would help a lot
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Instruction complete with pictures check it out...Dude, if you need help installing the bar, let me know I would be glad to help so that I can get some pratice when I get mine hehe :)
hey, thnx for the help, you da man

I updated the link. Didn't realize people were linking to things. I won't change anything anymore.

Additionally, All MC-NECO How-To's can be found at
thank you. I just recieved mine in the mail and didn't have instructions. those are awesome
installing it today! i will post pics
have fun. took me and atomicinternet a couple hours to do mine
well maybe i might finish it tomorrow....damn xmas shopping
i got the omp fstb in and the top bar of the st200, getting damn cold outside. might do the cross braces tomorrow when it will be a little warmer. i am just getting over the cold i got when i was building/installing my 3l in the freezing cold
Fearthisescort said:
have fun. took me and atomicinternet a couple hours to do mine
I guess it really depends on luck, I did it totally by myself in a bit under 2 hours [hint, really strong magnets make it easier]
amgnets. elaborate on this
well since no one was willing to help me install it, I kinda had to do it solo [which is rather difficult to hold a bracket on the outside of the car and wrench the bolt in from the inside of the car]. What I did was drill my holes from the inside of the car. take the bracket, insert one bolt in backwards [as a guide to line it up], place the bracket in its mounting location. Place one massively powerfull magnet against the bracket [taken from a 15 year old server hard drive]. Go inside the car, insert the bolts, go back to the outside, remove the "pilot" bolt and insert it correctly.... then repeat for the remaining 34 brackets.
Not to rehash an old thread but whats the secret for the back 2 brackets on the bottom...theres no for my hands to fit up in there to hold the damn bracket...i took the sway bar bushing off but that don't help much....only way i can see is to remove the subframe which i dont wanna do....HELP!!!!!
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