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I was going to install my intrax springs on my coug soon, but just to be sure, if anybody has a how to on the strut mounts and spring seats that would be great.

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i can tell you obviously have no searching skills. you should really try to learn. it will prevent you from asking stupid questions. :banghead: i'm not calling you stupid, just the question because it has definitly been asked before. did you even try to search ??(10$ says no) .. maybe i do get a little work up sometimes

anyways, to actually answer your question,
here is everything you need... and amazing I found it in 20 seconds :biggrin: to complete springs/strut howto, as well the as the reasoning why 01-02's need 99-00 spring perches.... remember ... don't pay for install... do it yourself.. thats what instructions are for... and there they are.... the fronts are more a pain than the rears so start their. have a big _ hammer ready too
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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