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After numerous requests, here's the how-to on replacing your lower grills (99-00) Cougars:

It's actually pretty simple...

1) Remove lower radiator splash shield (huge black plastic piece on bottom of car under front bumper)..This requires the removal of about 5-8 bolts.

2) Remove stock plastic grills (they snap in and out of the stock mounting tabs).

3) Take the new grill material you are using (I used stucco mesh from Home Depot...costs about $3.50 for a 4'x8' sheet of it), and lay the stock grills on it and trace out new grills leaving about an inch or so extra around the grills (make the new grills about one inch larger than the stockers).

4) Place new grills in stock openings and center them untill you are satisfied with the fit.

5) Cut slits in the new grill material where the stock mounting tabs are.

6) Slide the new grills over the tabs using the slits you just cut.

7) Bend the excess (the extra inch you left for just this reason) over the edges of the stock bumper.

8) Re-install the lower radiator splash shield.


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