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How to replace the factory decks and speakers

I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I don't remember seeing it and I saw a few topics in Audio & Electrical on how to install speakers, so I thought I'd make a How To and put it all in one post.

First off, the radio:
This is really easy. All you need are two of the Ford keys which can be bought at most auto stores like Pep Boys or Autozone for like 5 bucks. Just put the keys in the little holes on either side of the deck and push them in until you hear it click. Then pull them outwards (away from each other) and you should feel the deck kind of loosen and start to come out. Just wiggle it back and forth till it comes out, unplug the harness and antenna, and you're done.

Front Speakers:
This is a little trickier so I'll do it in steps

1. Pop out the small cougar emblem on the door handle and remove the phillips head screw behind it.
2. Take out 2 screw covers on the carpeted area of the door panel and remove the phillips head screws behind each one
3. Extract 2 T-15 torx screws from the back edge of the door panel.
4. Extract 1 T-15 torx screw from the upper front edge of the door panel.
5. Pop the fasteners along the sides and bottom of the door panel. You may need to use a screwdriver to get it started, but you should be able to just pull on the door panel and get all the fasteners out with little to no trouble.
6. After you've popped all the fasteners out, pull the door panel straight up until it's come off the actual door. You might have to pull kind of hard, but if it just won't budge, chances are you missed a screw or a fastener.
7. Unplug everything that connects the door panel to the door (ie: power lock switch, power window switch, etc...). Then release the lock/unlock cable.
8. Extract 4 screws securing the speaker, pull the speaker out, and unplug it.
9. Put the new speaker in where the factory one was. It's a lot easier if you go to a car stereo shop and get the actual harness that will plug directly into where the factory speaker was plugged into. That way you wont have to cut of the factory harness. Screw in the speaker (you may have to drill new holes depending on the speaker you have), and put everything back together in the reverse order you took it apart.

Rear Speakers:

1. Pop up the rear bottom seat cushion. Push on the center to release it and pull it out of the car.
2. Extract 2 phillips head screws from the bottom of the rear side panel. One from near the middle and one up front.
3. Fold down the rear seat backs.
4. Pop off the rear seat back latch cover.
Pop off the small cover at the front of the rear side panel and remover 2 T-25 torx screws.
6. Pull up the rubber door seal from the front edge of the rear side panel.
7. Carefully pry out on the perimeter or the rear side panel to release the spring clips and remove the panel.
8. Extract 3 phillips head screws securing the speaker. Pull it out, and unplug it.
9. Put in the new speaker and put everything back together in the reverse order.

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I'm new to the forums (check my post count!! LOL)

I have to thank you SOOO much for writing this. I have a new system to stick in and I had NO clue how to do it!!

(4 Pioneer 3-Way 5x8's 180w, Pioneer deh-p8000r Deck)

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bro, this thread is two years old!!!!!!!!!
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