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after you have the car chocked and jacked up with the wheels off. take the e-brake off. you will see a little metal clip around of the studs( if you have never had the drums serviced or taken off) get a pair of pliers and take that right off. you wont need it. then get a hammer/mallet. and hit the face of the drum( the side where the studs pop out) hit it on all sides above the studs. not very hard. just a good tapping . and once you do this it should loosen it to the point it will slide off

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Any pictures on how to remove the E-brake..... I have the Ford Service mauna and it said to release the breake shoe automatic adjuster first and i have no idea how to do that...

Brake Shoes (122850)


1. Loosen the wheel nuts.

2. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to «Section 100-02».

3. Remove the wheel.

4. Release the brake shoe automatic adjuster.

5. Remove the brake drum.

Remove the retainers (if equipped).

Remove the drum.

6. Make sure that the hub flange is in the correct position as shown.

7. Remove the hold down springs.

8. Disconnect the parking brake cable.

Lever the secondary shoe outwards.

Disconnect the cable from the secondary shoe.

9. Disconnect the shoes from the anchor block.

Disconnect the shoes from the anchor block.

Remove the lower return spring.

Do not damage the wheel cylinder boots.

Detach the shoes from the wheel cylinder.

11. Hold the wheel cylinder pistons in place with a rubber band.

12. Remove the upper return spring.

13. Remove the primary shoe from the strut and brake shoe adjuster.

Rotate the adjuster counterclockwise.

Remove the primary shoe.

Take care as the strut support spring is under tension.

Detach the secondary shoe from the strut support.

Detach the strut from the shoe by levering the strut against the shoe.

15. Remove the parking brake return spring.
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