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3 ways that i know, and there may be more:

1 - go to the home page, then click " who's on " - see if they are on, and then pm them - click the lil padlock icon on the right side of the screen

2 - if you're reading a post, and want to pm that person, then at the top right of their post is a lil options bar thing - click the padlock

3- go to search, and type the person's name into the author box, and then it will find threads where he/she has posted, then refer to #2

also, if you have pm'ed someone before, you should have a lil list of people in the history portion of your pm's area

hope this helps - pm me if you have any difficulty :biggrin:

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I always wanted to know, why a lock for a pm icon?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts