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How to on audio system questions

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Okay i thought this might help many people so i gathered all the info I found helpful from other member's posts

How to on audio system questions
Asked by KillahSilverZ and answered by CatMan
Also used Crispy’s How-To
Collected by Cougarholic

-How do I replace my factory speakers?
Front Speakers:
1. Pop out the small cougar emblem on the door handle and remove the phillips head screw behind it.
2. Take out 2 screw covers on the carpeted area of the door panel and remove the phillips head screws behind each one
3. Extract 2 T-15 torx screws from the back edge of the door panel.
4. Extract 1 T-15 torx screw from the upper front edge of the door panel.
5. Pop the fasteners along the sides and bottom of the door panel. You may need to use a screwdriver to get it started, but you should be able to just pull on the door panel and get all the fasteners out with little to no trouble.
6. After you've popped all the fasteners out, pull the door panel straight up until it's come off the actual door. You might have to pull kind of hard, but if it just won't budge, chances are you missed a screw or a fastener.
7. Unplug everything that connects the door panel to the door (ie: power lock switch, power window switch, etc...). Then release the lock/unlock cable.
8. Extract 4 screws securing the speaker, pull the speaker out, and unplug it.
9. Put the new speaker in where the factory one was. It's a lot easier if you go to a car stereo shop and get the actual harness that will plug directly into where the factory speaker was plugged into. That way you won’t have to cut of the factory harness. Screw in the speaker (you may have to drill new holes depending on the speaker you have), and put everything back together in the reverse order you took it apart.

Rear Speakers:
1. Pop up the rear bottom seat cushion. Push on the center to release it and pull it out of the car.
2. Extract 2 phillips head screws from the bottom of the rear side panel. One from near the middle and one up front.
3. Fold down the rear seat backs.
4. Pop off the rear seat back latch cover.
Pop off the small cover at the front of the rear side panel and remover 2 T-25 torx screws.
6. Pull up the rubber door seal from the front edge of the rear side panel.
7. Carefully pry out on the perimeter or the rear side panel to release the spring clips and remove the panel.
8. Extract 3 phillips head screws securing the speaker. Pull it out, and unplug it.
9. Put in the new speaker and put everything back together in the reverse order.

-How do I pull out the stock CD player?
This is really easy. All you need are two of the Ford keys which can be bought at most auto stores like Pep Boys or Autozone for like 5 bucks. Just put the keys in the little holes on either side of the deck and push them in until you hear it click. Then pull them outwards (away from each other) and you should feel the deck kind of loosen and start to come out. Just wiggle it back and forth till it comes out, unplug the harness and antenna, and you're done.

-How do I pull off the plastic trim surrounding the CD player (on the sides, near the footwells)?
You have to take just about the whole dash apart. I believe there's a screw behind the piece with your A/C and Heater controls that you have to remove before it'll come out. Search the How-To section for "dash removal"

Link: How-To -------------- “Dash Removal” written by Crispy

Here are the steps that you will need to take ... we will be moving left to right...

1. Remove the 2 grey caps on the panel underneath the steering wheel
2. Now you have access to the 2 bolts, so remove those and then pull off that entire panel
3. Remove 2 screws on the bottom of the headlight/dimmer panel - pull down and disconnect everything so the panel is free.
4. Remove the screws located on the left side of the large black piece on top of the dash
5. Remove ash tray and lighter ring or compartment with lighter and remove the 2 screws located directly behind it
6. Remove radio (if stock you will need the tools to do it or 4 metal nails to release the clips)
7. Remove 2 screws that are located on the upper lip of where the radio once was
8. Insert a small flathead screwdriver underneath the 3 dash buttons located above the heater controls…pry up carefully and disconnect
9. Remove the one screw located next to where the right button was...
10. Carefully remove the whole heater/radio dash piece by pushing up as you pull towards you.. the 2 bottom tabs are located inside your center console and must be lifted up outta there before you can pull towards you..
11. Disconnect all heater and trip computer controls
12. Remove the remaining screws on the large black dash piece….lift up
13. Re-assemble dash in reverse order...

-Where do I get the aftermarket adapter for a new faceplate and how much?
Any stereo shop will probably sell them. They go for about $16 from Best Buy and Circuit City.

-Where can I run the power wire through the firewall?
Look right above and to the left of the brake pedal. There's a rubber grommet that you can push out and you can run the power wire through that hole.

-Where can I pull ground from for an amp in the trunk?
The ground wire can be mounted to anything metal. You can screw it right into the trunk if you want. Just be sure to check under the car first so you don't screw into the gas tank or anything else important.

-Where in the engine bay can I mount a fuse?
I didn't mount my fuse anywhere. The power wire you have will hopefully have an inline fuse as well as a fuse holder in it. Just connect one end to the battery, the fuse should be about 6-10" away, run the other end through the hole where the grommet was, and when you're done, use zip-ties to hold the wire in place so it doesn't get caught in any moving parts.

-How do I pull off the plastic trim at the bottom of the door frame? (The plastic molding piece I’m talking about is at the base of the door frame, on the inside of the car. There is a piece that covers the sheet metal and the carpet. Its just to the left of the base of the driver's seat. I'll end up pulling wires underneath there and just needed to know if that piece pops right out or if there are screws or something)
If you are talking about the dark gray part, it just pulls off. It doesn't come off that easily, but if I remember correct, there are a few little screw sized stakes along the entire thing. You should be able to just pull it right off. Underneath that is another plastic piece and I believe it’s clear. There are little gray things holding it in. I tried to pull them out but they always ended up breaking. I just broke them off, put the wires underneath, then put everything back together. Everything fits just fine and nothing is loose at all.

Thanks to CatMan, Crispy and KillahSilverZ for pulling out the questions

I also have it in word file attached to this message

Hope it help
take care everyone
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