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The following is an exerpt from an AIM Instant Message between myself and Cat88Extreme. These are his words and have only been alterred to be in step-by-step format:

1.) release the bracket for the AC line on the drivers side by unbolting the bracket that is on the drivers side strut tower.

2.) that will allow you to move the AC line forward to put the OMP behind it.

3.) Adjust the OMP so it fits over the rubber grommets at the top of the strut towers

4.) then slide it behind the AC line and onto the rubber grommets.

5.) Use a smaller drill bit than the bolts to drill the hole (just a guide hole since the bolts are self tapping).

6.) Then us a drill with a ratchet end attached and screw the bolts in.

7.) Once done take them out and vacume up all the metal shavings and then reatach

8.) make sure you get all the shavings since they will rust (some will have found their way under the mounting plates).

9.) Once it's bolted on again tighten the adjustment bolt on the bar.

10.) Make sure you don't over torque the mounting bolts because they will shear off.

If you can think of something important that might have been missed, post here.
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