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If you are coming to Leo's Komedy Club tonite, we can meet at my house first.

Take the bridge or tunnel and get your ass to Canada
If you take the bridge then follow Huron Church Line all the way to the E.C. Row Expressway (first - and only expressway) about 3 miles down the road on Huron from the bridge.
If you take the tunnel then hang a left right away on Park, then another left on Ouellette. Take this all the way to the E.C. Row Expressway also.
Bridge or Tunnel dosen't matter you are going to go East on the E.C. Row Expressway.
Exit at Walker Road. It's about 3 miles down if you took the bridge and 1.5 miles down the expressway if you took the tunnel.
Go South on Walker Road. (right)
The 3rd set of traffic lights - there's a Penzoil Quick Oil change on the left, the steet is called Calderwood. Anyhow turn right here.
Go Down a few city blocks, you'll end up in a new sub-division. My address is 1785 on the left hand side on this street. It's a gray/white house, and will have a Gray Tempo and my POS white Omni parked in front / in the driveway. (Cougar is in the garage)

I would say we should meet no later than 9pm. A good idea would be to call me first at home 519-967-0506 or on my cell phone at 519-566-4098
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