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what you need...

serpentine belt tool rental from auto zone
air ratchet is very helpful
torque wrench helps but not necessary
metric sockets
a modified deep well socket to about half deep well socket.
dielectric grease
wire brush
standard tools
lift or jack stands

1. take the passenger side wheel off while the whole front end is up as high as you can get it using jack stands or a lift if you have access to one...
2. take out the two plastic pieces that are in your wheel well
2.5 (if you have an air ratchet only or else you wont get it back on) take your tie rod off and move it aside... (if you don’t have an air ratchet you can get around it but its just takes a little bit more work...
3. use your serpentine belt tool and pull the belt off the alt.
3.5. if you can get a hand on them unplug the two connectors that hold the wires on the the alt... (there are two plugs and one wire holder making a total of three connections you have to get off.. (if you cant get to them just wait and take them off when the alt is off))
4. remove the two bolts on the bottom... (torque wrench worked best for me)
5. using your modified socket or anything you can get on it remove the top nut from that stud.
6. wiggle and pound and pry your alt off the mounting post.
7. once its off remove the wires if you didn’t already and wiggle your alt free... it takes a lot of twisting and pulling...
8. get some anti seize or wd40 and lube the bolts and nuts and mounting post real good and let it sit for an hour or so for next time... and also take a wire brush to the electrical connectors and use some DIELECTRIC GREASE on the connectors...
9. wiggle your new alt into place and plug the wires back in
10. get the new alt pushed on the mounting post and lined up with the bolt holes
11. attach the nut to the top mounting bolt about half way and do the same with the two bottom bolts.. then the same as you would with a tire tighten each little by little so the alt is in there straight
12. once they are all tight use your serpentine belt tool and re attach the belt making sure the grooves all line up
13. put your car back together, lower it, start it up and let it idle for a while before jumping in and going...


if you have any questions my email is [email protected]

feel free to add if youd like
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