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After spending most of the day being pist off because of the delicate nature of the cougars factory alarm here is your How-To for adding a shock sensor to your factory alarm!

Tools Needed
Flat head screwdriver
Phillips head screwdriver
T-25 Torx bit with driver
1/8" Drill bit
Cordless drill
4 Sheetmetal screws
Wire cutters
Female spade connectors
1-5 post relay (Can be purchased at Autozone)
1-4 post relay (Can be purchased at Autozone)
Electrical tape
Single (or Dual if it is the 4 wire type) stage shock sensor
Soldering Iron (If you are picky like me) and solder
A few feet of wire

Connections Needed
Constant 12v power
Switched 12v power
Good Ground

Step one

Remove the cover from the drivers side back seat panel. This is located at the front of the panel near the door! Just use a screwdriver in the little slot and pry it out! Then remove the 2 screws underneath it with a T-25 Torx bit. (Picture shown below)

Step Two

Fold the drivers side backseat backrest down! Then take out the backdeck flap that hides the crap you have in the back! There is a panel at the top right where the seat locks itself to the car, simply pull it off! Remove the T-25 Torx screw that is directly above where the panel was!

Step Three

Pull up on the bottom seat until it comes loose! It will come loose, it just takes a little force! There is a screw that attaches the bottom of this panel to the car! You will see it directly beneath the seat. Take this screw out with a T-25 Torx bit!

Step Four

Remove the panel near the kick panel by pulling it straight up! Having done that, you can now pull the panel out from the car! Just give it a few mildly rough pulls(Not too rough or you will break the panels apart from each other) and wrestle it out of the car! With that done, you can now get to the good stuff! There is a connector which is connected to the door switch! If you reach in it is to your right just behind the striker plate that secures the door when shut! Push down on the release of the connector and pull it out!


Wire it up first before drilling any holes or mounting anything

There are 2 wires going to the connect, one black and one black with a red strip! Cut the wire with the strip and connect to your output wire on your shock sensor(If it is a 3 wire sensor, then I would imagine it is the wire that is neither black nor red. A 2 stage four wire sensor you will have use your multimeter to determine the actual trigger wire and not the warning chirp wire)
Connect the red wire of your sensor to your constant 12v power source.
The black wire is your ground of course but this is where it get tricky. You have to use 2 relays because you most 5 post relay have some sort of leaking between the energized posts and the so to speak 'gate'! I am not sure why this is but it seems to be common! If you just connect it to a ground and go on, your interior lights and your door open light will come on every time you shake that sensor(Which means all the time while you drive). I know that would annoy the piss out of me! You have to know something about relays here! A 4 post relay when 2 posts are energized will connect the remaining 2 posts together and thus you have whatever you want passing through your nonenergized posts(Whether it be Voltage or a ground)! Think of this as a voltage gate! When you energize the gate voltage/ground can pass through!
A 5 post relay works the same way except that it has an extra post that is opposite the other nonenergized post! When this posts gate is energized it stops the voltage! I hope you get this because I know no other way to explain it!
Connect your switched voltage to one of the energizing posts of your 5 post relay!
Connect a ground to the other energized post!
Connect your constant power to the pass through input post in the 5 post relay so that it may pass through!
Connect your pass through output post (Which only allows voltage/ground to pass through when NOT energized) of your 5 post relay to the energizing post of your 4 post relay!
Connect the other energizing post of you 4 post relay to ground!
At this point you should have 1 post available on your 5 post and 2 available on the 4 post relays! This is right! You will not use the other post of the 5 post relay (Unless you want switched power for something else entirely)!
Connect the ground wire of your sensor to one of the free posts on the four post relay!
Connect to other remaining post to the vehicles ground!

Step Six

Very Important

If you have a shock sensor that is electronic (meaning no moving parts inside) you can probably set the sensitivity to high.
I used a mechanical sensor that make a little doohickey inside of a barrel make contact when it shakes and touches the inside of the barrel! Therefore when you shut your door, the doohickey makes contact a bunch of times until it comes to rest! When this happens it sends your alarm into a diagnostic mode in which you can test all of your switches in your doors, the hatch and the hood. (When you open them or close them the alarm beeps!) You want to set the sensitivity low enough so that this does not happen! Dial the shock sensor sensitivity level so that when you shut the door it only lights up about 4 times (or less)! If you do send it into diagnostic mode, simply leave the car be with the doors, hood and hatch closed for about a minute. It will beep to let you know it has exited. (Your remote will only make it beep in diagnostic mode, it will not lock or unlock that car.) If the car does not exit diagnostic mode, you can pull the fuse out and give it 10 seconds and put it back. It is the fourth fuse from the right in the top row of fuses in your box.(If you don't know where the fuse box is, it is under the dash on the drives side. You have to pull the little black thingamabob down and the fusebox will flip down.)

Step Seven

Once you get everything working and dialed in mount your stuff! I put it all in the little cubbyhole behind the seatbelt. Drill your appropriate holes and mount your shock sensor and relays! Do not let the relays touch the shock sensor, it is just bad business! Before you do this, wrap the relays and crimp connectors (Which I hope you soldered to the wire also!) with electrical tape! Don't skimp on the tape here! You want no accidental shorts to ground in anything here!. What have now should look similar to the picture below!

Step Eight

Put your car back together!


Make sure everything is the way you want it before you put your car back together make sure everything works right!

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hey, thanks for the HOW TO, it was helpful although a little bit confusing. the setup worked for me, but i will try to rewrite with the technical terms and actual names of parts and a few diagrams to make it a little easier on the not so electronically inclined people
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