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How much did you pay for your cougar?

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It's a tower heist!
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Purchased new 5 years, 2 months and 1 day ago.
Bought mine for just under $10k after tax two springs ago. 19,000 miles sport package MTX with everything except leather.
Bought my green 2000 MTX in 2002 for $10800. There was a Melina blue 99 ATX with higher mileage next to it on the lot at the time for $11800, so it was a no brainer.
i think i paid 12,500 over 4 years ago. for a 99 with 25k on it now i have a 99 with 83k on it
Approaching 1 year ago that I won my car on eBay ... $2,100 + $345 shipping ... hasn't driven a mile since. :rofl:

The slave cylinder was shot. DanG and I pulled the driveline a few weeks back, so it is sitting in my driveway with the front end all 4x4 sytle and the driveline is on my garage floor. I must note however, that with the transmission in neutral, the engine ran just fine. I could start it in 1st gear with the starter, but that soon burnt out the starter and killed the battery completely ... 3L is about 2 months from going in ;)
Bought it new in Nov. '99 for $16k. 2000 V6 ATX.

Was almost pushed into buying a new '99 fully loaded for $14k but I wasn't a fan of the color (Spruce Green). There was a black fully loaded 2k for $16k as well but I don't know how to drive MTX.
Bought mine like 2 weeks ago. 99 with 65k miles for 5,400.
this is a repost but...i paid 8999 for mine with 21% interest a lil over a year ago
Bought my 99 V-6 mtx sport for $2,600 with all the parts from a local salvage was a theft recover with broken door windows, a smashed hatch, and a trashed interior.
jrarod3 you paid alot I got mine 46k almost loaded for 5k
bout mine 99 mtx sports package 55k miles three years ago for 5,300 in near mint shape...totaled it last month, insurance settlement = 6,612 :-D

18K and change plus tax title and registration brand new with 122 miles on it

was one of 2 stick shifts left in the area at the time
"jrarod3 you paid alot I got mine 46k almost loaded for 5k "

Really, I had been lookin around for a few months and this was on of the better deals I saw. The guy just put new tires, all new sound, 12 disc changer, head unit, speakers, and its sully loaded. Its basically mint in and out. I thought i got a pretty good deal.
Originally posted by: jrarod3
...and its sully loaded. Its basically mint in and out. I thought i got a pretty good deal.
d00d! You got a Cougar with Sully in it?

:rofl: hehehe..I had to :)
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$8900 on June 30 of this year for a Melina Blue '99 with five speed, 51k on the clock, leather, moonroof . . . man, I think I got ripped off :crazy: :rofl: :cover:
New in Nov. '98, with 6 miles on the odo. My first new car.
I paid 12k w/ trade in of Mercury Sable for my 2000, two years ago, with 20k original miles with one previous owner. :)
$83.39 and one of my sisters
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