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I want to paint my calipers on my '99 cougar but am not sure what is all involved in removing them. Also does anyone have any recommendations on what brand of paint to use. Later


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i just did this the other day on my friends cougar. i have painted calipers 2 ways. the way i did it on mine is that i took the calipers off and long story short , i learned not to mess with stuff i dont understand. i ended up getting new calipers cuz i broke the bleeder screw, cuz you have to bleed the brakes if you take the hose off. and the other way i did it was to simply spray them still on the car. to tell you the truth to take them off the car makes it come out better because you can get to places you normally cant get to if they are on, plus you can take the brake pads out. i would say if you are pretty good mechanically then i would take them out. you do so by removing 2 bolts in the back of the caliper. just turn the wheel all the way to one side stick your head in there and youll see it. remove the 2 bolts and they should pretty much slide off. (just dont have you e brake on). tape off what you dont wanted painted and spray away

As for paint, i used this paint i got at auto zone. i used the grey engine primer and then gloss black. just amke sure that it is high temp other wise youll just bubble it up . i would suggest like 2 light coats of primer, then 2 nice coats of what ever color you want. the stuff i bought had ceramic in it and i have had them on for about 4 months now and all i have is a few lil chips from rocks and what not. if you need any more help check the mods section on or pm me later

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ok here ya go

remove the two very obvious bolts ont he backside of the caliper
remove caliper
remove rotor
put caliper bacjk on with one bolt (to keep it there to paint)
get all the rust and dirt off of em
paint each of them the colors you want, if youw ant em both the same color jsut leave the rotor on
screwin with brake lines is very tough so i jsut did my first way, put it all back together, and clearcoated it alll (silver rotor, blue calipers) it looks way better now
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