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How do u take the E-brake off...???

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I just got a carbon fiber thingy to go on my ebrake.... so now how do I get tha factory one off??? ;)
aka: Tru Blonde. heheh
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Try to do a search, its been dealt with before...OR PM GunMetal, he has got the know how.
I did do a search and nothing came up... and my PM's dont work :(
you have to pull the ebrake up so that it is in the "being used position"... then pull the bootdown toward the armrest. after that is done look for the rivet that holds it on. mine was on the driver side of the ebrake. just drill out the rivet and the factory ebrake handle will come off.
Thanks bunches.. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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