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How do I remove this type of bolt dealie?

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Look at the pic I attatched. Behind the sheet metal is a metal panal that holds the window motor to our doors. How do I remove the dealies that I circled in red? The door that I bought had this metal panal that holds our window motors removed so i need to take it out to put it in my new-used door thank you

EDIT: I figure those are rivets. The used door that I bought had those all drilled out. Any suggestions on mounting my current window motor mount to my new door?


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it must be worth something then.
if your still wanting to use rivets, you got a few options. go buy some rivets and a rivet gun or take it to a body shop and get them to put it on for you.
Youll have to bust then out, and then replace them with new rivets or change them to screws.
yup.. drill out the rivets and replace with larger ones later
yeah drill them dont necessarily need to use bigger rivits though...atleast not if you chose the drill size correctly...just drill out the centre untill the end starts spinnig on the drill bit...then use a nail to push the rivit out..
You can drill them, or grind off the heads.
dremel lol makes everything work
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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