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Here is the steps that you will need to take ... we will be moving left to right...

remove the 2 grey caps on the panel underneath the steering wheel.. once those are removed you have access to the 2 bolts, remove those and then pull off that entire panel.. remove 2 screws on the bottom of the headlight/dimmer panel - pull down and disconnect everything so the panel is free. remove the screws located on the left side of the large black piece on top of the dash...

remove ash tray and lighter ring or compartment with lighter and remove 2 screws located directly behind it.. remove radio (if stock you will need the tools to do it or 4 metal nails to release the clips) remove 2 screws that are located on the upper lip of where the radio once was.. Insert a small flathead screwdriver underneath the 3 dash buttons located above the heater controls.. pry up carefully and disconnect.. remove the one screw located next to where the right button was... carefully remove the whole heater/radio dash piece by pushing up as you pull twards you.. the 2 bottom tabs are located inside your center console and must be lifted up outta there before you can pull twards you.. disconnect all heater and trip computer controls ... remove the remaining screws on the large black dash piece.. lift up ...

Re-assemble dash in reverse order...
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