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How do I remove, driver's side front panel *over wheel well*

I had a slight acciendent with a basketball...

Just the sight of it hurts :disgust:

A dent right behind the left headlight over the wheel about the size of a vollyball just screams at me everytime I walk by. I'm a bit broke just moved to cali so no $$$ to drop at a shop for them to band it out. Anyone have any pointers before I just dive in tom, picking screws and nuts as I go along to get the fender off and tap the dents out with a rubber mallet....

any tips appreciated

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If I remember correctly there is like 3 or 4 screws right under the hood........and a couple right behind the mirror cover thing.....and ....ummmm I cant remember where else :biggrin: :shrug:

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i just did this the other day.,

remove your hood. its easy 4 bolts. (you dont want it to fall on you while you work)

remove all bolts on top of the fender.

remove fender liner. total of 5 or so bolts.

there are 6 remaing bolts holding the fender on. 3 on each side.

2 on the right hidden behind foam sound material. (hidden inside fender behind turn signal)

1 on the bottom of the fender (directly under the turn signal

2 bolts attach to the bumper to the fender and one more hidden inside which attaches the fender to the fram
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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