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My cougar (2.5) has just failed its MOT (Annual road worthyness test in the UK). It failed as the parking brake was not effective on one side. I have changed the caliper, although on further investigation it appears the cable also needs changing on the same side.

The cable disapears behind the heat shield (between floor of car and exhaust) This in turn appears to be bolted from inside the car. I do not want to strip the car for nothing! Does any one know if this is the only way? Has anyone else had to change there cable?

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I wouldn't say it's easy, but it's not as hard as you seem to think. You have to take the exhaust pipe loose right behind the catalytic converter and unhook a couple of supports, just to drop the pipe out of the way. The heat shield is held on by wing-nut-like fasteners that a large socket will fit on. Drop the heat shield out, and there's your cable! Go to work. The hardest part is hammering those exhaust bolts loose without having an aneurysm. An air ratchet is the best thing for it.
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