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Got home around 5, never saw more than a few drops of rain taking 69 back up, hope everyone else had pleasant weather.
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They are, you get a certain number of run down before bad things start to happen though.
Also, I remember calling Wade, but not Ty. Which is odd because according to my phone I called Ty first.
I just listened to the message today (I have a really bad habit of ignoring/forgetting voicemails) and I was very surprised how sober and mellow you sounded!
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Aren't the axle nuts TTY?
meh. if you use the laminated ones

i just got the car on rollers and pulled the passengers side apart, again

there was very serious talk over the weekend of combining with spring zing since attendance was low for both this year so keep that in mind
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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