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I decided to join your site because I have noticed more of you joining on I use the same name on that board and on

I'm sure at least a few know about Midwest Racing. I just joined that club about two weeks ago. We will be out at Byron this Saturday. Also, Midwest Racing is hosting a car show at Cue-Can-Do in Schaumburg on June 24. Anyone with an american made, daily driven car is welcome to attend.

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Hi Justin!
Welcome to the NECO board! I am the Cougar in Midwest Racing and My fiance', Tim, has the black SVT Contour. Can't wait 'til Sat. to race! Tim forgot to put the carshow in his post of events. We will see you on Sat.! Lot's of IL people are busy in June, but they are ALL still welcome to come out and race w/ the Midwest Racing group this Sat. at Byron. Let the techs know that you are w/ the group and they will put an M and a # on your car so you can line up w/ us!

Who can go on Sat.?
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