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Hello all, I am new to the forums. My 99 ATX cougar does no longer signal when i lock the car with the remote. It just started doing this. Its not a huge problem but i would like to know why it is doing this.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thank to you all.


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Does your car have the light package, with the overhead console above the rearview mirror? If so, there is an indicator on the panel that tells you if a door or the hatch is not closing properly. And even if it IS closing properly, the sensor may be bad, causing it to THINK it isn't closing.

I had this problem as well on my 2000. The culprit was the electronic switch/sensor on the hatchback lock. It was broken, so the car always assumed my trunk was open, and would not arm the alarm.

The switch is kinda poorly designed, so I'd check there first. You have to remove the plastic cover around the latch mechanism, and the switch is a blue-colored thing clipped on to the latch. The sensor probe is black, and should be shaped like this:


with a little nub on the end. Mine had broken off, so it looked like this:


and was not making a good connection. Replacement was kinda pricey (I'm thinking $30-$40, can't remember).

Anyways, have a look. I'll bet you're having the same problem.
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