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cannot determine after reading all of these postings and I mean all, where the problem is with that car.

Car has 45k miles on it. About 7k miles ago 4k miles after having Merchants replace the fuel filter I notice that when I cracked 3500 rpms it started to buck under a half tank. Then one night on my way home from drinking the meter said 148 miles left and the cel blinked and the car stalled. What a nice walk home in the rain. The next day I went and put two gallons in and it started right up.

Now the car bucks/ hesitates @3000k rpms when there is a half tank in it. I have yet to put it down to a quarter cause I dont want it to stall.

I HAVE READ all postings and cant determine whether it is the pump, filter, plugs, or wires.

No garage can tell me what it is because there is no code coming up.

I am good on brakes, rotors, intakes and exhausts, but am extremely afraid of tackling the fuel pump by myself!

Can anyone give me some pointers on whats wrong before I go broke. I am a sales guy and drive about 600 miles a week and cant afford to be stranded somewhere.

Oh yeah its an ATX. If that matters at all.

I want to tackle the bang shift but the car needs to run right first!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you live around BURLINGTON and want to give a hand at this let me know( AND YOU HAVE DEALT WITH THIS IN THE PAST).... Id be willing to work something out
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I guess i wanted to see if anyone wanted to help out?
I know thw Blinking CEL is your Engine Mis-Firing, as far as your bucking problem, another member has the same problem (magichallucinations), his is due to the fuel pump.

yours could be:

1. bad fuel pump
2. bad filter/wrong filter (fuel filter)
3. maybe your fuel filter needs to be cleaned. there is a how-to in the How to section.
Thanksfor your help A. I am going to change my fuel filter this weekend. Maybe thos bastards at Merchants put the wrong one on!

See what happens when you let a non cougar owner touch the delicate *****!
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