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Help with new pedals for ATX

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I bought some ichibahn aluminum racing pedals for my coog, but there are no install instructions, and it seems like the provided pieces won't wrap around the gas pedal. Any one done this, or know how to get around this issue?
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***get heavy-duty double sided tape***
i had the same problem with my atx pedals. i know this might sound like i went the ghetto route but i found a set for $20 at pepboys and i took them apart to paint them and everything was cool, so after they were dry i went to put them in the car and they didnt fit at all. i was so mad. i got the brake pedal on pretty good but the gas pedal didnt wanna go on at all, so i went to home depot and got some heavy-duty double sided tape and put it between the stock pedal and the new pedal and they've now been on the car for a year with no problems. i hope this helps you out.
I had the same problem. I tapped the holes with a drill, then screwed them directly to the stock pedals.
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