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Okay, I got a vacuum guage and an air/fuel guage...

They should both be pretty simple, except I am not exactly sure where to put the vacuum tube intersection... forgive me if my terms are off a bit, you should pick up the idea anyway...
-the hose that comes off the back of the guage goes into the one if the rubber tubes coming off the the intersection. I am just not how or where to put that in line with the vacuum hose. So, if anyone has done this I would really appreciate any pictures, diagrams, or help you can give.

The air/fuel is just a wire that I need to splice into the upper 02 sensor, I believe. What's the best way to go about this, which wire do I splice it into, and any other help with this one would also be very helpful. I believe it's the upper 02 is has to go onto, and I know that's the one that's a PITA to reach.

Also, if anyone can give me the optimal numbers/level each gauge should be reading under normal conditions, that would also be helpful so I know if I did something wrong, if a needle has to be reset, or if there's just something wrong with my car. I hooked up power to the lights and guages, so that's all set.

Thanks in advance.
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