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Hi guys!

So I continue my search of a reason of total power loss with lean conditions (with CEL shining for 2 years). The beginnig of the story was there:

Today I have tested my EGR valve solenoid according to this page Ford Fuel Injection EGR Vacuum Regulator (EVR)

That's a plastic thing to the right from the coil pack on the rear side of the engine. The lower port (N1) on the diagram is connected to the triple connector of the black plastic vacuum lime, that comes from the top of the UIM. The upper port N 2 is connected to the EGR valve.

And the secret is the hidden port N 3 (you can't see it on a diagram - it's under a cap wrapped with cylindric filter).

So I took the cap off, removed the filter and launched the enginge. Then applied a smoke test with incense sticks. Wjat was strange - the smoke immediately disappeared since when I came close to the hidden port N3 - it was sucking air like hell - look at the pic!

I think that it's abnormal, because it means, that there is a direct sucking of unmetered (by MAF) air from UIM vacuum source through the EGR valve solenoid!

Then I simply closed the port N 3 with my finger and engine stalled immediately! I guess, I found a HUGE vacuum leak.

What do you think guys?


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did you miss this part?

When the EGR Vacuum Regulator (EVR) is off, both ports vent slowly to atsmophere.

which means, that little filter is there to filter both of those ports as they vent to atmosphere, and without the filter installed i would assume the vac flow is disrupted but I'm not sure...

did you try grounding out and mechanically testing it as they said to? you shouldnt take that filter out, i do know that... their is no reason to... when they said to check the upper port, they meant to check port "N 2" as you call it with the wires unhooked... verify their is no vacuum on that port, then hook the wires up and using a probe, ground out pin 33 and your idle should change when you do it... if so, then all is working fine.
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