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* HELP*nothing came with my new hood scoop!!

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nothing came with my new hood scoop!!

I bought a supposedly "new never been used" visteon hood scoop from a neco member. I like it, however I don't have any thing with it. Can someone who already installed this tell me what I should have ie:screw sizes/lengths and number. washers, if needed, and anything else that might be helpful. I also don't have the template, can anyone provide this for me. I will definately appreciate your help. Thanks.
PS Visteon won't help, I already called.
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most of em came like that unless you bought the item directly thru Visteon like I did... you just need to walk into Home Depot with the scoop and buy the appropriate bolts and washer nuts for the 2 posts... alot of members have installed it without a template... I'm sure they can offer you some good advice... mine would be making a template out of wax paper and using that for your drill holes..
trace the scoop on a piece of cardboard,put the screws in the scoop, then mash it down on a piece of cardboard. tape it to your hood where you would put it then start drilling. takes less than a half hour to do everything.
Just make sure that the screws you purchase fit perfectly. I stripped out one of the threads, now you can see a bit of purple neon escaping...
I havent installed my hood scoop yet...if you like I can see how difficult it would be to make you a copy of the template?

PM me and let me know.

Good luck,
Sunni :)
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