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help me

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I recently decided to try to cut my shifter down, so I went to autozone, and bought a die and tap set, and threaded my shifter down an inch and a half, and now i need to know how i am going to cut that huge piece of steel rebar we call our shifter.:banghead: Can anybody help??
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I'd imagine you just have to go to work on it with a fine toothed hack saw. It'll take some sweat, but it'll do it.
for the money you spend on the tape and die and the saw you could of bought a opx shifter for 75
Wrap a towel around your shift ilnkage and get on it with a hacksaw. It took me about 5 minutes.
When I did mine, I did the towel thing, and I worked at it at first with my Dremel, then once I could go any farther on with that I used a little cheap hacksaw I bought from home depot.......ACTUALLY I'm bout to cut mine again today....The first time I did it I took bout 1.5 inches off.....I'm takin bout another inch off it today!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOO isn't MODDIN FUN!!!!!!
Took me about 30 seconds with a hacksaw.

Good luck with your mod!
Use a good bi-metal hacksaw'll only take you a few minutes for that kind of cut.
I use bi-metal blades to cut through stainless steel bar stock, it's the only way to go.

Happy hacking........:biggrin:
Thanks, Im going to try it tonight.
short shifters help but really you want a shorter linkage setup. that accompanied with the short shifter then your talking a few .0's.
I cut off an inch last night, and then i cut off another inch and 1/2 today. It looks really good, and the hack saw hacked it clean off. I didnt think there were many household things that could cut steel rebar. Thanks everyone.:beer:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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