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I am getting ready to do the whole system thing in my car... i need some advise on what speakers,amp,caps... etc, from any of you guys' experiences.
I have had a Kenwood deck before and never had a problem with it, my old roommate had some badass kenwood speakers too so kenwood is ok.
I know phoenix gold amps are good =], but i dont have alot to spend on a sytem.

** basically i am looking to spend about 800-1000 on this complete system and would like some recommendations.
I want my cougar to hit hard but i dont want to bust windows, be in mind that im in college and security is a thing around here that sucks ass, so nothing too flashy.
I like the Kenwood Excelon KDC-X869 deck and can get that on ebay @300 bucks. I am planning on getting a yellowtop and i got a new alternator from ford underwarranty just before my warranty runs out (damn ford =/).

Post suggestions...


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whats up man, first id like to say ebay has everything you are looking for.

But i would go with the following

CD player. A panasonic cd player for like 250.00 i forgot the model number but it has 5 preouts, the cheapest one for that many preouts, its 50x4 and has screen savers on it.

Speakers. JBL GTO8626 $99/pair front and back 198.00

Sub pluss Box. Two 12" 8-ohm Punch HE Woofers/Box 200watts RMS
Get the box FREE — a $119.99 value!
Special System Price: $199.98 FROM CRUTCHFIELD

Amp. MTX Thunder421D 210W x 1 Car Amp
420 watts RMS at 2 ohms • variable low-pass crossover • Class D design preamp outputs • speaker-level inputs with SmartEngage • bass boost $300.00

Wire kit. You can get a 4 gauge kit with everything in it. For $70.00 anywhere really

250+198+199.98+300+70= $1017.98 you'll be hitting real good, but try looking on ebay. I get my stuff real low, because i know alot of people in atlanta that give me great deals. Try going to some places and tell them u want a whole kit and they can probably sell it to you even cheaper. Bargin..

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