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hey everybody!
especially to those of you who leave your computers on all the time..

please go download and install this program, which helps to search for a cure for cancer. if you know what [email protected] is, it works the same way, in that it runs on your computer, as a screen saver, only when you're not using it..

I made a team for NECO so when you join put me as the referrer (nickov3n) and join "Team NECO"!!!

after you get all registered, it should take you to a members webpage... if it doesnt just go to, and under 'member services' go to 'my team manager' and you can list all the teams. Team NECO will be near the bottom because it just started, and you join from there.

To find team NECO, list the teams alphabetically by clicking the down-arrow graphic next to "team names" and Team NECO is around page 40.
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