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Hello From The UK

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Hello all, i am from the UK, a small town called Ledbury sitting in the shadow of the Malvern hills on the Herefordshire border, had my Cougar V6 Auto X-Pack in Amazon Green for close on two years now, its a C2 model so quite rare over here, about 440 were imported and most were manual gear change and silver was the most popular so around one hundred were Auto`s of which some were none X-Pack and then there was silver and black colour options so the spec i have is one of about forty max and now there are far less than that on the UK roads, rust in the sills and rear sub frame kills a lot of UK cougars, there at an all time low price wise at the moment and the breakers have had one in every couple of months so getting used parts has been cheap and quite easy, now its getting harder, new parts are all so getting to be a problem, running gear not so much as much is shared with orther models but body panels are not avalable and the inner and outer sills are parts badly needed to keep the ones left on UK roads going, i have been in the UK Cougar club for a while now and its been a very helpfull club to me, lots of info about the model and where to get parts, we had our annual couger fest last weekend just four miles from me and there was a good turn out, which i think will grow next year as this was a new venue to the club.

So i am here to make contact with other cougar lovers and to learn more about these very underated cars :) Land vehicle Vehicle Car Ford cougar Coupé
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Ford cougar
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Welcome. There is a plethora of information here. Not much has been done that hasn't been mentioned here, so make sure you make good use of the "Search" feature :)

Welcome! :wiggle:
rust in the sills and rear sub frame kills a lot of UK cougars.
Tell me about it! :( I'm from Eastern Canada; Big snowstorms, even more salt. Ick, ick, ick. I HAVE no sills to speak of anymore, and the rear frame rails passing by the gas tank are severely compromised as well. I'm going to have to get pretty good with a welder over the next year. it feels good to know someone else knows my troubles.
Hi Colin, sorry i didn't see this post earlier.
Nice to see you here Alan
What is X-pack?
I think that's Brit-speak for "Sport package"
X-pack was the UK Ford term for the up grade interior, leather, heated seats, elec adjust drivers side, roof console, heated mirriors, air con, six disc cd changer.
Thank you.
Jealous of the heated seats! might have to try to import some of those. :cool:

(JK - I'm sure there are cheaper options:rofl:)
Heated seats are very nice as the leather in cooler weather takes a while to warm, handy option but the switch is in a daft place on the front base part of the seat, easy to knock it on the pasengers side if your wife puts her bag on the floor by her
Well fancy seeing you on here Colin ;) I'm Cougar-V6 on UKC :)

This website is amazing loads of information and hard core owners such as Bennett and Jaged to name a few :)
Hi everyone, just brought my xreg need a passengers seel what's my chances of finding one
Junkyard or someone from the Ford Cougar UK FB page parting out a car.
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