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1) How do I remove the headliner w/o doing too much damage.....

2) How do I remove the molding on the roof supports, and accessory module (s) w/o too much damage and so they can be replaced easily....

3) Basically I want everything that is tan (stock) outta my car...I know how to replace it all...I just need to get those suckers out!!

Any tips??


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you are wanting to do everything i am in the middle of doing.. start with the front pillar at the door and just pull it. everything is held by metal clips so they just pop out. work your way downt the pillar and at the bottom you will have to pull back a small black trim piece that is between the weatherstripping and dash. then move to the T piece. you will have to undo the bolt where the seat belt is held and there is a small plastic piece that holds it underneath the side panel. you will also have to remove the coat hanger thing which is done with a screw driver (i think).. you will need to take out your shelf in the back and put the seats down to undo the screws and bolts( there is really not that many) I had to pull the rear panel away from the car some to make sure the pillar was free from the bottom. you have to undo the rear seat belt harness with a star shaped socket along with many of the other interior pieces.. then you can remove the overhead console by putting a small flat head screwdriver between the light and the plastic (you can seethat the light compartment is not attached to the console)then undo the two screws and pull it down.. again it is held by 2 metal clips.. then take the caps off the visor piece that is attached to the roof.. after that you have access to two screws.. undo them and disconnect the wires.. after both of them are off work at the buttons in the back.. once then come down the headliner comes out.. if you do not have a sunroof.. basically just look at the car carefully and you can see how the pieces will come apart..
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