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Hey everyone, I know this has been asked before, but I want to paint the inside of my headlights, but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help me out? Also, what do you use to re-seal them? Will they just stick back together or do I need something else?

Thanks in advance,

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for the first time in 8 months i can honestly say that my headlights are sealed... i think deviousdev showed me the light (if it was someone else i'm sorry)... essentially i used Form A Gasket Non-Hardening, available at just about any auto parts store. Just make sure you get non-hardening... anyhow to open them get a friend... you'll need another set of hands...

Take headlight out
remove rubber thingy sealer
remove 6 clips with flathead screwdriver
if you look, you'll see the factory butyl sealing the pieces together, with an exacto knife score it as much as you can.
now take a flat head screwdriver and start seperating the two pieces having your friend come around with the knife cutting the butyl...
eventually you'll seperate them, the first one will take a bit of time but you'll figure it out and the second one will be cake..
once apart there is one small phillips screw to remove, pop out the piece to be painted and you're ready... the yellow reflector if you want it gone will need to be broken out (therefore rendering it to never be put back in without some custom work)

also before resealing i would recommend removing all old butyl first.... this can take some time, but patience matters... use a small flat head with shart edge to assist in this.
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