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using search is a novel idea.....:rolleyes: - not really so hard to try.
at any rate, i did your work for you in about 3 minutes. you could search the boards, alot came up under headlight. or, you could head over to team neco (, go to how-to's, select view all, and first on the list is 2001+ headlight install, courtesy of atomic internet. you could pm him, caterina, or puckpuck when he is back, as i believe they have done this conversion too, although i may be mistaken. be prepared for lots of work, i have heard this takes time and patience.

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here's the thread where the link to MD NECO (with a how-to) is listed at the bottom AUSSIES

i'm still working on having mine installed on my 99. there's a lot of cutting of the metal that has to be done.

edit: here's anothe link about the conversion CLICK ME!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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