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Head gasket kit

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230 dollars!!!! is that right!!!
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YIKES! Is that from the dealer or someplace else?

I don't know the price, but when my 95 Mustang V6 blew a gasket, it's kit cost just over $400, so you're $230 may be on the nose.
What all is in the kit, all you really need as far as gaskets to do a head change is a head gasket, head bolts, and a new thermostat gasket, all which cost a little over 50 bucks i believe.
My dad just told me that it;s best just to replace everything.. so thats what we are going to do.. problem is.. can't get the bloody cam of the head !!! ness how the f$%## do u get it off... cam closest to the front of the car... im getting a manual dvd tomorrow i hope.. but jsut wondering?
the exhaust cam, with the vct? Its torqued to 130nm and will turn unless you or something or someone is holding it with an adj wrench. Best thing is to pull like hell. See if you can slip something over ratchet to make it longer so you can have more torque. When I took apart my spare engine on the stand, I almost flipped the stand over trying to get that damn thing off.
Also make sure you have the proper tools of making sure it is at tdc, and a manual is a must!
Thanks ness. that info helped.. i wanted to see ur car at that little beach party thing, but i guess ur car broke.. thanks tho
yeah timing belt went, its now fixed.
depends heh, mainly plant city, where my bedroom is. Also stay in Valrico with my mom from time to time. And I stay in Homosassa to work on my car or do outdoors stuff such as boating, fishing etc.
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