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Well, here it goes...I got the old pulley off and the old bolt. The puller I got wasn't the right one so the crank threads got a little dinged up, but no problem, I just ran a tap through there and now they're fine. The problem is the pulley is such a tight fit, it won't slide on. Even the stock pulley was a to pull off and it can't be slid back on either. My Dad works at a Ford dealer, but unfortunately it's 4 states away. There's a special install tool to put it on, but nobody has. Rumor has it that Snap-on makes it, but I can't track down a Snap-on guy and and really don't want to spend $100 or so for a tool i'm only gonna use once.

Could somebody please tell me how they did theirs? Any tricks or ways of doing it? There's not much for shops around here either, because I live out in B.F.E. and have only been here 3 months. This is also my only form of transportation.

Thanks, and any and all help would be appreciated.

Christian J. Grest
King George, VA
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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