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Happy Holidays

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Just cause it's Holidays and I'm sure folks got better things to do then sit on NECO.....i'm starting the thread early!

Happy Holidays Y'all.....hope ya get everything ya want and much more :banana:

~Ethan :wave:
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i hope santa was good to everyone... sad to say but i didnt get anything for my car... this year was a jewerly and clothes year!

so what was everyones fav. gifts???
I had to draw up 2 seperate lists and got nada from either....dont know why people insist on them if you wont follow the list :banhim:

Ummm.....not really anything impressive, some shirts, some ties, music making software for my puter.......i guess my favorite thing would be the assorted photography things and the few Tommy Bahama items my folks got me :wiggle:

Although my brother did finally get it right.....he just sent cash :banana:
Happy holidays to every one at NJ Neco and all your familys. Hopefulyy every ones day or week has been what they want and every one got what they want or more have a great holiday season
I have two favorite gifts this year... first was Finding Nemo DVD to complete my Pixar collection, then I also got a Craftsman creeper so now when I change oil my back doesn't get all scratched up from the garage floor :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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