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Half Shaft boot

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Ok so for some reason my Cougar with less then 30,000 miles decided to blow a boot. Now I have grease everywhere which is awesome. Now I know on some cars you can replace just the boot and not the whole half shaft can this be done with our car? Also if anyone has a how-to to replace that would be nice.
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yes it can be done, I was going to do mine, but alas the CV joint was in peices so I had to get a new axle anyway. I have a chiltons contour/cougar repair manual, it explains how to change it and much more. Though I'm not thrilled with the books set-up, it is very handy.
I still have the new boot w/grease and clamps, I bought it from fordpartsonline for $30, I'll sell it to you for $20 shipped. I can get a pic if nessecary.
find the nearest carquest near you, get what ever axle you need ordered, replace old with rebuilt and keep the recipt for lifetime replacements! :thumbsup: however, there is a core charge and it is expensive. so i would have it ordered then take everything up there for a replacement i think it was like 70-80 bucks with the core.
Just make sure you get a half shaft with the abs rings/teeth if you have ABS. I had to replace my axle halfshaft and I got one from Car Quest and soon after I fixed it the ABS light came on and I finally figured out the halfshaft didn't come with the rings/teeth that the abs sensor reads to see how fast the wheel is moving. I had to do the job again which sucked but the ABS light went away once i got the correct halfshaft installed and drove it.
its an easy fix that you can do in your drive way, just make sure to put pletnty of grease in their so as to not destry the cv join once you have it installed.
Is it ezer to do just the boot or the whole shaft
to be honest replacing the shaft is easier, if you have the money do that. Because you'll have to remove it to replace the boot anyway, so it would be less work to just pop a new one in.
Y i got the money id rather do that
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