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the standard alarm is crap
after removing my graffix whilst crying like a baby after some xxxxxxx scratched into it with carpet gripper its now been stolen from my girlfriends flat smashed up stripped of my audio battered my new tyres and dumped it half in the sea

i only wish i was joking guys
i know how much we love our cats and advise everyone of you to fit best alarm and immobiliser you can afford
best regards for future all of you
keep in touch when you can my email is [email protected]

a totally gutted man

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I was waiting for you to say ‘I’m only joking’ at the end of your post but it never happened. I can’t believe the luck you’re having with your car. So what next, do you replace the Cat after the insurance has been settled?

All the best mate.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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