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Guess where I am?

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Guess where i am?

Well for those that don't know I'm in the army and have been with my new unit for about 2 months know. Well after AIT advanced Individual training I got shipped off to Korea and its preaty interesting here. People drive like they want to die, CRAZY i tell you. I'm stationed at camp hovey which is 12 miles south of the DMZ but everything is cool. I'm even planning to find some car shows and post them in the vid/pics section. On a side note I can't drive, It's not allowed b/c there is so manny cars on the road, traffic is really bad here.And yes this country even has its own ricers i see them almost every weekend driving by the front gate. I plan on finding some street races to film and put on here for all of you to see. I will post pics as soon as i get a camera here. Well i gotta go, over and out
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Hey! Stay safe, man....and enjoy Korea! Not too much though--my friend was concieved there (his dad was in the navy) :naughty:
Nice to hear from ya :grouphug:
I saw once on amazing race that they ride bicycles alot too. glad to hear you are Ok. keep in touch. be careful man.
Great to hear from ya man! Take care over there.... and kill some bad guys. :cover:
Thanks guys i'll try to upload some pics of TDC (tongdochong), What we call the vill/ entertainment area. Its a interesting area and i'll try go get some pics of the landscape, Its nice here. But untill then later all from the other side of the world.
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