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Sorry to post this here but most people read this part only.
I'm orginizing a group buy for the Unorthodox clutch and the Lsd quife.
so far the regular prices fort this item are
clutch stage 1 $585 and 625 for the stage 1+ plus shiping.
lsd Quaife 895.
Joe from Spmotorsports is working to give us a discount according to how many people are interested.
all the transtation will be done throut Spmotorsports. so is safe
we are planing to do this in about 2 weeks some CEG member are in too

Email me at [email protected]
seroius inquires please

is that made of kevlar or what
I am looking for a good clutch, hopefuly a (+) cross clutch
this is supose to be the best style for racing if you can find one like this let me know

The UR Stage 1 is kevlar
The UR Stage 1+ is not kevlar. It is the "cross" style you're talking about
The more hardcore racing a clutch you go, the more you sacrifice driveability. I think the Stage 1+ would be pretty much at the limit of daily drivability.

If you're supercharging, you NEED the Stage 1+, as the Stage 1 can only handle up to a 50% increase in power (according to spmotorsports)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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