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I just got my first ticket. Man is my dad pissed. When I got pulled over the cop asked how fast I thought I was going. I told him 70. He informed me that i was going 86 mph in a turn and excelerating up to 94 coming out of the turn before he pulled me over. He was impressed with my car. He said it was really nice and he thought it would move. He said he was going to knock my ticket down to 65 in a 55 because he had never saw a car go 86 through that turn. Needless to say he was impressed.

GOD I LOVE MY CAR!!!!!!!!!

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That's the closest thing to a 'good' speeding ticket I ever heard of.

Grading on a curve....that's the way it SHOULD be. A sport coupe should be allowed to travel and corner at higher speeds other vehicles.
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