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This is my first official street race ever. Well, 2nd because my first was against another Cougar. lol But I never really saw the driver as I outran him by a little, then he slowed down and turned off the road on another street, so it doesn't count.

Anyway, I was driving down the middle lane of a 3 lane street. The right lane was merging into mine. There was a red light ahead so I was just slowing down by downshifting through the gears... slowly approaching the light. This kid in a 98-looking white Jetta comes flying behind me, goes around my right and cuts me off to stop at the red light. Why he did that is beyond me as there were no other cars around and he could've easily went next to me on my left (maybe he didn't want me to look at his girlfriend). So I turn left and I go into the left lane next to him. I look to the side but he's kind of "hiding" behind his B-pillar. I don't know him. I see a pony tail in the passenger seat. At this point I decide to race him.

Light turns green and I launch without burning the clutch or the tires. I quickly accelerate. To my surprise he's going as fast as I am, and he's even gaining on me. Then I let off the gas at 60mph (35 zone) and he's already at least a car or two ahead of me. I'm stumped! We get to the next traffic light... again, no cars around. I look to the side and this time he's looking at me, smiling and gesturing. I give him the thumbs up wondering what's under his hood then we race again. This time I had some wheel spin but I got off the line faster, and I kept with him longer but he still beat me by a car's lenght. We approached traffic and almost stopped at the next traffic light... this is when I glimpsed at his trunk and saw the "GLX" badge. I didn't know what it meant until I got home and checked on

Apparently he's got a 172hp 2.8L V6. I'm not sure, but I think his car is lighter than the Cougar, so it's only natural that he beat me. Needless to say I was embarrassed and red-faced when he beat me twice. I'm happy I didn't have a chance to talk to him or anything after that. He was evidently trying to run away as he made several risky lane changes when we approached traffic, and I didn't care enough to follow him. Plus, I'm not really into the F&F kind of driving.

I couldn't tell if he had a stick or an automatic.

I currently have an AEM SRI (and a GMK CAI extension still in the box, lol), 17" wheels and a small sealed subwoofer enclosure in the trunk (12"). I weigh around 180 lbs. Oh yeah.. I have a V6 Cougar with a stick.

Lesson learned: Beware of GLX's! (and don't street-race :tongue: )

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Yeah, he had to of been modded, or a better driver ;)

Seriously, VW's are fatties. Even the smaller GTI's weigh somewhere in the area of 3100-3200. Crazy stuff... lol.

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Originally posted by: InnovaZero
... or a better driver ;)
No! lol

I know how to drive. All my shifts were perfect. I don't know if 6000 rpm is the optimal shift point tthough.

And I beg ti differ on the weight question. Here's what I got from consumer reports and edmunds:

1999-2002 Mercury Cougar
Consumer Reports: Curb Weight, lbs. 2892
Edmunds: V6 Curb Weight: 3013 lbs.

1994-98 Volkswagen Jetta
Consumer Reports: Curb Weight, lbs. 2647
Edmunds: GLX Curb Weight: 2927 lbs.

The edmunds data shows a difference of 86 lbs.
The CR data shows a difference of 245 lbs.

I don't know who to trust, but the advantage is still on his side (weight wise).

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Lies.. all lies. :tongue: They're NOT that light, but maybe a bit lighter then a thought, the newer ones are the heavy ones then.

1996 Volkswagen Jetta GLX
Base Price $ 20,610
Price As Tested $ 22,035
Engine Type V6, single overhead cam per bank, 12 valves
Engine Size 2.8 liters / 170 cu. in.
Horsepower 172 @ 5800
Torque (lb-ft) 173 @ 4200
Transmission 5-speed manual
Wheelbase / Length 97.4 in. / 173.4 in.
Curb Weight 2954 lbs.
Pounds Per Horsepower 17.2

Fuel Capacity 14.5 gal.
Fuel Requirement unleaded premium or regular
Tires 205/50 R15 Goodyear Eagle GA
Brakes, front/rear Vented disc / solid disc, antilock standard
Suspension, front/rear independent MacPherson strut /
torsion beam axle with coil springs
Drivetrain front engine, front wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy - miles per gallon
city / highway / observed 18/24/22
0 to 60 mph 7.5 sec
1/4 mile (E.T.) 16.1 sec
Coefficient of Drag (cd) 0.34

His power comes quicker in the revs, and weights similar. He had a women with him as well, remember? That's at least an easy 100lbs.

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I'm pretty sure it's due to the fact that the Jetta you raced was blue.

No blue Jetta can be faster than a Cougar.

Seriously though. If you're talking about a Turbo Diesel Jetta.... those are pretty slow (unless they're seriously modded, i.e. more than exhaust). What year was it? The style of Jetta that I raced has only about 90hp with the stock turbo diesel engine. I surely hope that you managed to smoke it.
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