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So i went to Willow Springs Raceway a couple of weeks ago. All by surprise. my buddy who has an STi mentioned to me that ClubSI was having a track day. and they invited the Celica clubs but kept it quiet. so my buddy and me cruise up to the track. well another friend of mine goes up there before us in his regular lancer and after chit chatting for awhile, asks the host who is a moderator of ClubSI if he would allow anyone else on the track. they said ok and then asked what kind of cars. so he said some lancers and imprezas. so they agreed and then the honda/toyota owners started trash talking (as usual).. So they start thier events after the usual breakout rules session. and of course as usual little side bets started happening and the honda/celica guys with thier GT-S and ITR's all started ganging up on the other people on the track (not part of the clubs) like some lancers and regular impreza's. and of course they were destroying the lancers and impreza. so they upped the ante on the bets of lap times and the honda/toyota guys were getting REALLY coccky at this point, so my buddy just about the time the second round started the hondas/toyotas take off onto the track, the lancer and impreza rolled off the track, replaced by my EVO and my other buddy's STi.....the look on the honda/toyota's guys face was priceless i wish i had a camera.....they all slowed down and turned their heads and just let out a sigh and shook their heads!!!!

had to be there but if was absolutely hilarious.....i love destroying the hopes and dreams of hondas and toyotas.......
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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