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Good day!

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so i stopped by my dad and the 30 flyers i gave him a couple weeks ago .. have all been handed out ... woo hoo! So i gave him another 20 .. Hopefully we will start getting some more dang members in my area!

While i was there i also dropped off some stuff to be painted
All items will be painted on monday... should be receiving my 6 disk in dash soon (thanks pikachu
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do they give them only to ppl who buy cougars, or anyone?
only to ppl that have cougars serviced or to new cougar buyers
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how much for paint?
today at my dealer, the guy told me i should GIVE him NECO stickers. SHA right! i gave him flyers.... that should be good til he hooks us up with members.

and yes, aparently that email we got the other day jen, that's from the new guy with the Zn.

oh, and crispy, that guy with the SE-F&S coug that flys around madison, his name is chance. and he's an EMT. plus... SUPER busy guy. dats why he's so hard to catch. he's just like pokemon. 'can't catch them all' <-- did i say that right guys? hehe.
"it is an......... evil.......... zn?"

errm.. i mean that would be cool if i met a Zn owner....
I saw one on the freeway coming home from school yesterday.. i was like 'grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...'
enough with the pokemon cracks! jk nick if you want ill put a zn tag on my car now that i got my scoop!
i think i am getting my scoop painted for free or at least very cheap (not sure yet though) but the other stuff .. i dunno about price.. didn't even ask... i know that it will get done pretty cheap
Gonna see if i can get my dad to pay for it as my B-day present.. hehehehe

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Just got the cd player....installed and working good! Thanks Jason!
Pokeball, go! Ok, sorry about the pokemon...I really need to break out my gameboy again one day...
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