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Getting the turn signals to blink faster

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I've seen everything from tuned up cars to really junky bone stock cars have fast turn signal blinkers, which leads me to beleive that this is not an expensive mod. I've been told by someone, that just a little adjusment of a fuse or something is neccesary to do this. So if someone knows how to get the turnsignals to flash faster, your help would be much appreciated.
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just make one of your less-important signals blow the bulb... ;)
Rice Rocket Secret #36:

fast blinker = bye bye Z06!
One of my Mom's turn-signal bulbs blew on her 525i... now one of them blinks twice as fast. I can seriously pull 1.08G's now as long as I'm turning to the left....
sorry gotta put 2 cents in....the gayest looking mod ever,a nice car with a fast blinker only would make me think you got issues with blown bulbs, but it might be worth the extra 30 HP.
the picture in my sig was taken with my fast-blinking emergency flashers on :tongue:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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