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Get to know keystone...

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get to know keystone...

as of late ive noticed alot of new people posting. ive only been ative since july. Ive met alot of people but there still alot of peeps i havent. lets play the name game eveyone plays in school.

name: Adam
City: Harrisburg
Age: 20
Car: (formerly)1999 V6 Mtx Spruce green (currently) Scion TC
Mods planned in near future: Get ANOTHER Cougar... and pimp the [censored] out of it
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RE:get to know keystone...

Name: Curtis
City: White Plains, NY (plans on moving to Harrisburg w/in the years' end)
Age: 28
Car: Laser Red V6 2000 ATX
Mods: WW 5 Piece kit, visteon wing, C/F Predator Hood, Headlight covers, Underbody Neons, Interior Neons, C/F Dash Kit, Indiglo Gauges w/ C/F overlay, ST200 Floor mats,ST200 Rear Strut Brace, Roush Performance Springs SVT Intake Pipe, KKM airfilter, White Hose Techniques kit, Painted IMRC, Painted fuse box cover, white side markers......that's about it.
Future Mods: Powder coated rims, Aftermarket fenders, black head liner, C/F A pilars, more C/F stuff in the interior, maybe new seats, install my SVT UIM/LIM/TB, dual exhaust (maybe a yo dude flowmaster, but I want a true borla stainless)......that's all I guess.

Good idea Adam! :thumbsup:
RE: get to know keystone...

Name: Eric?
Chity: I MOVE ALOT (you'll never find me here... muhhahahhaaaaa)
Age: 30
Car: 99 Cougar V6 tourmaline Green MTX
OTHER: 95 TAHOE... kickass
Mods(car)... Koni, roush springs, tint, kkm with cold air duct and custom heat shield, borla dual, 17 konig holes
painted dash gunmetal to match wheels, ST200 rSTB, 5 pt harness, thats all I can remember
Future mods, Corbeau Seats, V8 RWD conversion, convertible conversion, reverse suicide doors, full CF body, aluminum subframe
hovercraft conversion, and some neons for effect.
RE: get to know keystone...

Name: Eric
City: Philly philly
Age: 19
Car: 2002 v6 Atx Dark Gray
Mods: full body kit....xtreme front...millennium side skirts....battle rear...dual borla head unit 2 12 w0s rockford 900 amp.....4 infintiy 5x7s ......18 lowenharts...and of course AIR BAGS
Future mods: Project cougar gagues....carbon fiber dash kit....intake (suggestions?) and next summer racing seats lcds and ps2 and z3 fenders

pm me ppl well meet up im new to the couagr scene
RE:get to know keystone...

name: Jason
City: Mechanicsburg
Age: 24
Car: 2001 V6 Black ATX
Mods: Tinted Windows, Brushed Taillight covers, Vinyl Window Graphics,Clear Sidemarkers.
Future Mods: Where do I start???
RE:get to know keystone...

Name: Joe
City: Springfield, outside philly.
Age: 22
Car: 02 White V6 ATX
Mods: Nightshaded tails, tint, painted headlights, carbon fiber dash kit, green interior neons, sony cd player, injen intake, green parking lights, and no amber/orange on the car anywhere.
Future Mod: To get rid of the car when the loan gets lower and get something that can actually perform.
RE:get to know keystone...

Name: Kerri
City: Northeast Philly
Age: 30 (31 tomorrow)
Car: 2001 C2 Cougar French Blue
Mods: Smoked side markers
RE:get to know keystone...

Name: Rick French
City: Perkaise, 45 mins outside philly.
Age: 24
Car: 02 lazer red 35th ANV V6 MTX
Mods: 02 Razzi body kit with battle front, AEM short ram intake, Yo Dude cat-back, Intricate lines custom graphics, red LED conversion in air vents, Clarion pro-audio DXZ945 headunit,
2 JL10w3v2 subs custom enclosure, JL audio class d amps powering everything, 3rd Brake light custom painted, full light conversion (white turn signals, red driving lights, white sidemarker, hyper white reverse...) strut tower brace....
Future Mod: ?? don't know
RE: get to know keystone...

Name: Amanda
City: Middletown..Near TMI
Age: 22
Car: 00 yellow special edition V6
Mods: Wings West body kit and front grille, Kaminari fiberglass hood w/ hood scoop, Yodude 2 1/2" catback dual exhaust, painted Vtech taillight covers, Eibach springs, ground controls, 18" Konig Reasons in graphite, GMK CAI, real aluminum dash kit, Levoc chrome/carbon fiber shifter, clear side markers, 10% tint on back and side windows, 12" Polk Momo 500w subwoofer and two Rockford Fosgate amps (400W and 500W) in a custom setup with 4 orange LED bars lighting up the amps, Panasonic CD player, JL 5x7 speakers replacing the side speakers, Billet ebrake handle, KYB struts, painted rear speaker covers yellow, custom gauges, orange tinted mirrors, some yellow loom under the hood, orange LEDs in door controls, orange LEDs in vents, Sunshine vanity plate, brake calipers painted yellow, lockable gas cap, yellow steering wheel cover..that's all I can think of right now....

Future mods: Not much else to do but some little things.
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RE:get to know keystone...

name: katie
city: west chester PA for school and Lambertville NJ for home (both about 35min from philly)
age: 19
car: 1999 dark green ATX
mods: WW bodykit, custom dual exhuast, painted grill and calipurs, 2 12 infitnity perfect subs, pioneer speakers and a premier headunit and one 1,000 amp and one 400 wt amp, smoked sidemarkers
future mods: no limit grill insert, rims.... and anything else i can think of!
RE: get to know keystone...

name: ralph
city: sharon, pa near pittsburgh
Car: 99 jet black mtx 2.5L
mods: gmk cold air intake, trubendz dual weapon R exhaust, chip upgrade, custom painted engine pieces, iridium spark plugs, ford racing wires,
future mods: custom targa top(january 21st) blitz body kit custom molded, 18" bsa 245s, carbon spoiler
RE:get to know keystone...

City: White Plains, NY (plans on moving to Harrisburg w/in the years' end)
Yay!!!! You'll be so close!

Name: Kelly
City: State College, PA
Age: 22
Car: 01 Tropic Green
Minor Mods (cuz I can't afford major ones): Clear sidemarkers w/green bulbs, customized decal on front bumper:)
RE: get to know keystone...

Name: Keith
City: Harrisburg
Age: 29
Car: 99 Ebony Black V6
Mods: ST200 Rear Strut Bar, ST200 Struts, ST200 Cougar Wheels(Europe), Euro Head & Tail lights, Roush Springs, KKM Intake, Hose Techniques, Z3 fenders, Clear Silver Sidemarkers, Eclipse painted fuel door, V-tech Taillight covers, Ford Cougar front grill, Borla Dual Exhaust, Razzi Rears, Visteon Sides & Hoodscoop, InformDesign Front Lip, Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit, Sony of Japan Headunit, Blue Neons & LEDs here, there and soon everywhere.
Future mods: ST200 UIM/LIM/TB waiting to be installed, Custom Speaker enclosure, Custom Gauges
Future Future mods: all the same ones EricF is doing but better
RE:get to know keystone...

Name: Chris
City: York
Age: 21
Car: 99 atx v6 laser red coug, soon to be also a 04 GT Cruiser
Mods: Stainless single exhaust w/ ti muffler, AEM intake, Taylor wires, NGK plugs, Grounding kit from SNB-Performance, Falken ziex 502 tires, painted calipers, painted grills and engine accents.
Future Mods: Widebody, grill, hood, wing, rims, lowering
Future Mods (for the GT when I get it): R/S rally front end, Cal-hood, and rear rollpan from CaliforniaCruisers. Custom 3in stainless exhaust, BTG intake, Mopar stage one kit, AGP type h-rfl bov kit, AGP actuator, NX N-tercooler, Nonology plug wires. RAY'S G-Games 19x8 77Wolf gunmetal 2-piece wheels w/ Nitto 555 tires. Katskin interior, custom fiberglass console, custom subox/ bottle holder, Kicker solo-baric L7 12 sub w/ K1200.1 amp.
RE:get to know keystone...

Name: Ed
City: Palmyra
Age: 36
Car: 2001 C2, French Blue
Major Mods: Stereo, G/C Coil-overs, 18" ICW Racing Wheels, Yokahama Paradas
Mods planned in near future: Finish the 8" monitor in the glovebox, Big brakes upgrade
RE: get to know keystone...

Name: JJ
City: Carlisle
Age: 24
Car: 2001 Dark Shadow Grey V6
Mods: KKM Intake, Custom Dual Dynomax Exhaust, Razzi Body Kit, Team Loco 150 Wheels, Eibach Springs, Rear Cross Drilled Rotors, Intricate Lines Full Body Graphics, Razzi Hi Rise Wing, Visteon Hood Scoop, Levoc Carbon Fiber Shifter, OMP Front Strut Bar, ST200 Rear Strut Bar, 2 10" Kicker Subs, Profile 600 Watt Amp, Tail Light Covers, Painted Dash (Blue), Neons, LEDs, and Strobe Lights (Blue), Smoked Side Markers, 15% Tint All Around
Future Mods: No Limit Grill (waiting to be painted), Custom Gauges, Molding Body Kit, New Aerogear 3-Piece Wing
RE: get to know keystone...

Name: Anthony
Location: Doylestown, PA
Age: 17 (am I the younges?)
Car: 1999 ATX Spruce Green Cougar
Mods: Check profile for audio
RE:get to know keystone...

name: Steve
City: Pine Grove Mills (right beside State College)
Age: 28
Car: 2000 I4 Mtx Spruce green
Major Mods: CTA intake, LCD's, Stereo,
Aluminum fuel door, Visteon spoiler, rims.
Mods planned in near future: Install hood scoop,
Wings west body kit.
RE:get to know keystone...

Name: Jonathan
City: Allentown/Whitehall
Age: 20
Car: Yellow 01 Zn ATX V6
Mods: Street Weapon front and back, WeaponR duel exhaust, some stereo stuff.
Later Mods: Kaminari sides, 18 Konig Theory Gunmetal, 7 color LED under car light kit, painted dash kit. and probley some more
RE:get to know keystone...

name: Heather
City: Lansdale (approx. 30 mins northwest of philly)
Age: 20
Car: 2001 yellow ZX3 Ford Focus MTX
Major Mods: 2 10" MTX audio subs and amp, zony xplod headunit, custom painted dash, short shifter with a VW shiftknob, aftermarket racing pedals, shorty antenna, brushed aluminum gauge face plate, clear sidemarkers
Mods planned in near future: interior neons, springs (? maybe)
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