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Hey guys, how's it goin? Here's my lil story.

My buddy and I were driving back from the dragstrip yesterday, boy was that fun. Anyways, I was cruising along, just enjoying the drive, and then a Mercedes SL 600 w/ the V12 comes up next to me. I'm feelin kinda rowdy from the weekend, so I decide to mess with him. We both drive pretty fast, only bringing up to 90mph, then we come up on some cars, so we slow down to 75mph. One lane opens up, so I get behind the 600 and we are both speeding up, I look down and I'm going 120mph:crazy:. The crazy thing is, the Benz just keeps going and going and going, I can't keep up with him for the life of me. So I accept defeat and I slow back down to 70mph. Good thing I did because about a mile down the road, I see a Highway Patrol has someone pulled over.

I felt bad for my buddy, I just kinda left him way behind, he was driving his CRX.

Maybe it wasn't the best story, but oh well.

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